Drobo 2G won't wake up under OSX10.5.8

Ever since upgrading to the latest Dashboard 1.5.1 and upgrading OSX to 10.5.8 I have had minor issues withe the Drobo not waking up when the Mac does (connection via FW800). The Dashboard thinks there is no Drobo attached but then I click on the Drobo and everything is eventually ok (Dashboard realizes it’s there). It used to be that the Drobo would sleep when the Mac did but now it isn’t coming out of sleep when the Mac Mini does. I have upgraded to the latest firmware 1.3.3. Is this a known issue?


I just tried it on my Mac mini running 10.5.8, with no problems. I have three Drobos connected to the mini – one via FW400, and two via USB. All three came up after powering down and then powering the mini back up again, with no problem.

Two of those are on 1.3.3, and the last one, which is my emergency ace in the hole until I am absolutely convinced the DroboPro is rock solid, is still at 1.3.1.

I thought I had seen something similar with the DroboPro via ethernet, but I brought up my Mac pro tonight with no problems.

My Drobo is doing exactly the same thing. Not sure why.

I retreated to 10.5.6 and it’s working fine again. In fact under 10.5.8 if I waited a bit the Drobo would wake up on its own.

For now I am running the new firmware but the older Dashboard.


I have had this wake from sleep problem since having my drobo 2nd gen from new. Had a replacement unit and still the same problem. DR have been looking into the problem for some time now and don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Sometimes it can take as long as ten minutes before the unit wakes up.

What version of Dashboard are you running? If I move back to 10.5.8 (with Dashboard 1.5.1) the delay in waking up returns. The unit is connected via FW800 which may also be a factor.


I am running 1.2.4. Tried the latest version but it doesn’t see the partitions properly so had to go back to 1.2.4