Drobo 2 NTFS file system corrupted- help

hi there
seems that I am loosing my precious data, oh no!

I have a Drobo S on a Win7-Workstation, formatted as one Volume, NTFS.
7.23TB in total, 1.68TB free space. connected via eSATA
Dashboard version is 2.5.3
Firmware version is 2.1.5
Drobo shows off healthy in Dashboard, all lights green, none is flashing.
The volume shows with a drive letter h: in win-explorer, however Windows wants me to format the drive.
I did run chkdsk /x h:, and it replies after 4hrs that there is not enough storage space to repair an error in the Index of $I30 (whatever that is)

There are two WD drives in the package. I read about a WD firmware bug concerning these drives:
Western Digital Caviar Black: 2 TB WD2002FAEX
Western Digital Caviar GP: 2 TB WD20EARS SATA

Could this be the source of the filesystem corruption?

I just replaced the WD20EARS with a Hitachi A7K3000 3TB and the Drobo is currently doing the maintenance, lights blinking green/yellow.

Any hint is highly appreciated! Dataloss is no option!
thank you

Hi there Ahab,
I am sorry for your troubles. Can you share a link for the bug that you think might be responsible. In the meantime, you can try checking the health of your drives with Data Lifeguard Diagnostic – http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=612&sid=3. It should also allow you to repair bad sectors if any. Hope this helps. Please, keep me posted on your situation. I’d really want to help you.

I found some notes on that at german datarescue labs, similar to this:
dont know if that is true or just a trick to attract customers, huh?
other posts in this forum suggest these are just hoax.

whatever the reason is my drobo’s file system is corrupted, as long as I cant access my precious data, I think its better to not break up the package and test single WD disks with the tools you suggest.

do you know of a datarescue software that could heal the NTFS corruption?
I also read about chkdsk is not running safe on win7 machines with volumes bigger than 2TB.
If I remember correct, this drobo volume had a “virtual” capacity of 16TB. (forgive me wrong tech terms)
I have the strong feeling that all tha data is still safe&sane on the drive, and its just a tiny little correction that has to be made to the file system, but chkdsk is not able to correct it…
desperate on weekends eve
captn oh my captn