Drobo 2 not recognized in File Manager

I am connecting my Drobo to a Windows 8 machine via USB and although it is visible in Dashboard, it isn’t visible in File Manager/My Computer

I have tried this on a Windows 7 machine as well and the same happens. Dashboard sees it but not visible in File Manager/My Computer

I was using this via DroboShare but decided to go USB so I can more easily back everything up to the cloud.

Running firmware 1.4.2 on Drobo 2.

Getting extremely concerned now as this is the only copy I have of everything, nothing has been backed up. Further, all my data is stored here and now can’t access any of it.

Suggestions on how to make this visible to access files? Have turned off firewall, did a windows update to get latest drivers and neither worked.

Greatly appreciate any and all guidance.