Drobo 1st Gen Firmware Update Issue

Hello All!

I just recently aquired a 1st Gen Drobo that I have connected through USB. I installed the Drobo Dashboard, formatted the drive, and all is well and good… until I go to upgrade the firmware. It is currently running version 1.2.4 [1.243.14490] and would like to upgrade to the latest update that is 1.3.5. Everytime it fails…

So I downloaded the latest version of the firmware and followed the instructions to upgrade the firmware manually… This, just like the previous time failed.

Then I went to two other computers in the house. One that was running windows 7, like I am running, and the other was running windows xp. Again… they both failed.

After doing a little research on the issue, I found this link here.


The first few lines of these release notes stated the exact issues I was experiencing this was the exact quote “Fixed upgrade issue with a select number of First Generation Drobos”.

Any help on the matter would be much appriciated. Thanks in advance all!

Download the firmware. Save to your desktop.

File should be a zipped file. Unzip and you should see a TDZ file. Drag and drop that to your desktop.
Now rename the TDZ file to a zip file.
Open that file up.

You should see 2 files. One that has a rev1 and one that has a rev2 in it’s name.

Drag and drop the rev1 file to your desktop.

Go dashboard > advanced controls > tools tab.

Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click on “check for updates”.

Then select the rev1 file.

If that doesn’t work, please open a support case.

Thanks, Jennifer! I was having the exact same problem with my v1 drobo. Your solution worked and I have been able to update my firmware to 1.3.6. Seems to me that this is an important step and is certainly not covered anywhere in the drobo knowlege base (at least I could not find it). Having two files hiding under one zip is certainly causing the automatic update (and the manual update) to fail, so I don’t understand why this was released like this? Just wondering…

Having the 2 files is not causing the update to not work. What I provided was an in house work around.