Drobe B800fs Not Accessible

I’ve been using my 800fs as backup for my 5D and some other drives. A few days ago I was unable to see the 800fs (I can still see my 5D). Done everything. Rebooted, new cable, reinstalled dashboard, tried old version of dashboard, tried second ethernet port on 800, tried usb on 800, tried static IP. All lights are green and plenty of unlit blue lights. No matter what, I can’t see the 800fs. I can ping the ip address but can’t see the data.

My question is: If I can find another B800fs case on ebay, can I take these drives out in order, replace in new case and have access to the data currently on drives? Otherwise I lose a lot of needed data.

thanks for any help,

Looks like im having the same problem with the 5fs.

Did you find a solution ?