Dro4D-D not mounting

Hi, I have an old Drobo DRO4D-D that has been working great for many years but now the unit won’t mount and I get solid red lights up the side, solid blue lights all along the bottom and a solid red light for the power light. As it won’t mount I can’t run any diagnostics on it.

I run it to my 15" 2017 MacBook pro, running High Sierra 10.13.6, via usb. The 2 firewire ports burnt out years ago so have only had the usb port to work with but it worked fine for years.

Also I have the chance to pick up a Drobo FS NAS but I don’t know if I can just transfer the drives to this other unit or not and I can’t update the firmware on my unit to the most recent update.

If anyone has any tips I would be very appreciative.

Assuming you have the latest Drobo Dashboard on your Mac, you could try to activate it without HDDs and see if you can first regain connectivity.

1 Shut down your Drobo completely (I would even remove the power cord)
2 Remove all your HDDs (note their order)
3 Restart the Drobo to see if it mounts and becomes active so you can update any firmware.

3a If you have 2 spare HDDs, insert them whilst it is running and let the Drobo format them (all green)
3b Perform a factory reset
3c Shutdown the Drobo and remove the 2 HDDs

4 Shutdown the Drobo completely
5 Insert you original HDD pack in the original order
6 Restart.

Do NOT remove or insert your original HDDs whilst the Drobo is running or you will lose all data.
Hope this proves to be useful.

Thanks for the tips. I have actually tried starting the drobo without the drives but get the same solid lights up and does not get detected by the computer.

I just borrowed a friends power supply who has the same drobo as me and it seems to be working now. Odd as my power supply was getting power to the Drobo but couldn’t go all the way.

I’m glad you identified the issue.