DRO4D-D (Gen 2 Drobo) not connecting using Firewire,only USB, and disconnects occasio

I have a Gen 2 DROBO, has Firewire 800 and USB ports.

On occasion, the drive completely disconnects every once in a while. This seems to happen most when the unit has not been accessed for a while, then when I try to open one of the drives I hear everything spool up and then - clink - disconnects.

Also, for some reason my DROBO has always had an issue connecting using Firewire. If I connect it using my Mac, the drives never appear. Using the USB, everything appears fine (except for the disconnect issue).

Anyone else have problems with the drives mounting using Firewire?


the general perception i have seen, is that mac had more problems with connections, and firewire had more than usb.
(it doesnt mean that usb or windows cant have problems, and new problems do arrise, but i would stick with usb).

have you tried a different usb cable, just in case its related to the cable?
also, it might be the way your mac handles drobo going to sleep… if so, i think where was some kind of Keep-alive utility that another user mentioned, which kept reading or writing to a dummy text file every so many minutes to keep it alive, which might help

I just replaced my Gen2 with a 5N, and I never used Firewire (although I considered it). I seem to remember that from “day one” there was known trouble with Firewire 800 and the Gen2. Surely some progress was eventually made with this issue!?