Drives with data

Can you insert say 2 drives with data already on them and access them using drobo or do the HDD’s need to be reformatted?

Only if the 2 drives with BeyondRAID data from another Drobo unit. Any other drives Drobo will reformat.

Thanks for that info. I stuck 1 drive in that didn’t have anything important on it that I cared about (just some gaming folders). However, if I did in fact need a config file from one of those gaming folders, is there a recover method? I have a sata dock that I put the HDD in and my computer doesn’t detect it/read it.

So you put a drive with some data already on it into drobo

Did drobo already have a disk pack in there and you were adding an additional disk?

Or did you put that drive into an empty drobo?

If it already had a disk pack then drobo would have immediately wiped the disk and added it to the pack (it does warn you about this in all the documentation) drobo would have probAbly begun silently optimising your data layout in the background which would have involved moving some of your data onto this new disk, overwriting whatever may have been on there

If you want to try and recover what is on there, you should remove that disk from drobo as soon as
Possible (if you haven’t already done so)

If you put the disk into an empty drobo then it would have asked you about how yo want it formatting etc etc, as long as you haven’t gone through this process then you should be able to recover most things from it.

Eitherway, if your computer now sees it as blank, that is expected since computers cant recognize drobos filing system.

There are several software packages designed to recover data from accidentally wiped drives (which is what you have done)

Personally i have always had luck with a package called “get data back”. But yo can find several other packages with google.

Good luck :smiley:

Hi Docchris, I did put a drive in the drobo with roughly 1.2gb of data and the drobo didn’t have any disk in it as the one with data was the first one since my first use of the drobo.

I briefed over the documentation and was never prompted on how I would like the drive formatted, etc. Seems unreal, I know, but I wasn’t prompted.

At this point I have the drive already removed. I do have a sata adapter to USB and a sata HDD dock, however, the file system can’t be detected by windows. Should I be downloading a program on my linux box or my Mac to see if I have better luck? I thought of a recovery programm that I already own “recover my files” but without my computer detecting the disk, I won’t have much luck.

Thanks for your time and I hope my response helps.

No, Linux or Mac won’t have any more luck

Your computer does see the disk (go into drive manager and it should see the disk as “raw” or empty

What yo mean its that it doesnt appear in windows explorer/my computer. And that doesn’t display disks, it displays volumes/partitions and at the moment your drive has no partition on it (because drobo wiped it)

Most drive recovery software is designed to recover files from wiped drives and it will be able to see your unformatted disk and recover files from it, if your particular software does not, i think it’s probably relatively simplistic software designed to reciver accidentally deleted files, not recover from whole wiped drives, basically you just need better software

Hey there again Docchris, I was in disk manager and nothing showed up as raw or empty. I knew windows explorer wouldn’t display the drive. Any other recover software out there you recommended aside from gdb?

If the drive doesn’t show up in disk manager then your satausb dock is faulty or you have some other issue!

Basically if the disk itself doesn’t show up in device manager then your disk is not actually connected to your comouterand quite obviously no amount of software can ever recover anything from a disk which isn’t plugged in!