Drives release switch is not working

Morning all,

The quick release for one of my discs is broken. I push it down and the drive does not move.

Are there any workarounds?


i think there is a spring which always pushes on the back of the drive - the "switch’ just holds the disk in place

when you move the switch, the spring should push the drive out

you would just have to find something to try and grip the sides of the drive and pull it out

That’s what I was thinking but there is no way to grab it.

pair of long nose pliers might be able to help (make sure safe and insulated or power off etc its up to you)

on my dirives theres a notch (about 0.5cm by 0.5cm) which might provide a gripping point

Which drive is stuck? Assuming it is not the in the far right drive bay, is there a drive in the bay to the right of the stuck drive?

If there is a drive to the right of the stuck drive, try holding down the release lever and push the drive in to get it unstuck.

If that does not work, SHUT DOWN YOUR DROBO FIRST…
If the bay to the right of the drive is empty, you can reach a few fingers into that empty bay and give the stuck drive a nudge. Your fingers will be touching the top of the stuck drive.


I had to RMA a brand new unit because of this problem.

Nothing would work other than physically pulling the drive out of the bay like the others have suggested.