Drives not showing up on desktop

So, normally when a drive (flash drive, etc) is loaded on my Mac (10.9) it usually mounts to my desktop and I can access it in finder under devices.
BUT with the Drobo 5N the drives or shares don’t show up.
This is useful for telling programs like iTunes to tell it where the music was moved to, or for iPhoto where the library is (on the 5N). Basically any program where I need to designate the file location. It’s also really helpful for easily moving files to and from the drive.
Is there a setting on the Drobo that I am missing? Is it a Mac setting? Settings>Sharing>File sharing(on)? >> but then I can’t find the folder to share it…wtf

Do you have the Drobo Dashboard installed? If so, you should be able to mount the shares on the 5N just like other drives.

I do have the dashboard, and when I mount them, nothing shows up on my desktop. I can only access the drive when I double click the share name in the dashboard…which is not useful for just about anything other then drag and drop.

I’m pretty sure that the shares show up when you select the Computer item under Devices on a Finder window. From there you can drag an icon to the Devices section of the list on the left of the Finder window, and it’ll be there again when the share is mounted again.

As for not showing up on the Desktop automatically, I’m not sure how you could do that but it never bothered me enough to figure out how to do it.