Drives full, best way to organise

all my drives in the drobo are full. I want to ask, how does the drobo react.
On the desktop the drobo shows up as one drive. If i take one drive out of the drobo, what will stay on the drive itself?
I have many projects on my drobo. I can´t see which project is on which drive. So if i take out the first drive, where can i see which projects (folders) go with this drive?
And if some projects are on the drive which i replaced, can i add this drive later again to the drobo (any shaft?) to work again on that project?

How does the drobo organize the files on the drives? Or do i have to replace all drives together as one system to get access to the folders later again?

Unfortunately it seems you do not understand how Drobo works.

All of your data is spread out over all the disks.

Each individual disk is useless by itself.

If you connect any disk to a computer directly it will seem blank - only a Drobo can make sense of the data.

You need ALL of your disks together for the Drobo to do this.

if you save a file to your Drobo one bit of the file will go on one disk, and the next bit of the file will go on another disk, and a further little bit of “Parity” to protect your file will go on yet another disk.

if you don’t have enough of your disks, the drobo wont be able to function.

i understand that system. BUT, what do i have to do, when i don´t have enough space on my drobo anymore?
The only way is to replace all disks? if i need old data from the disk i have to replace all disks to the drobo again?

If you remove one hard drive and replace it with a higher-capacity drive, Drobo will incorporate the larger space and rebuild the missing data. When that procedure is completed, it is safe to remove another drive and replace it in the same manner. Unless you’re using dual-disk redundancy, only remove a single drive at a time and wait for it to rebuild.

Depending on specific drive capacities you have now, you may not see the extra space until you swap more than one drive. Just keep swapping hard drives (one at a time) until adequate free space is achieved.

i understand that, but i already have the highest capacity of disks. i can´t get higher. What is to do then?

Oh, I see. In place of buying a 2nd Drobo, you could buy another complete set of hard drives to replace the set you have and start with a new empty volume. You would need to perform the swap with the Drobo powered OFF, and keep the current disks together as a “pack”. You could then power down, swap disk packs, then power back up to read the data in that set.

ok i already though that this is the only solution for that. for the film business i make every year more than 16tb of data. every year a new drobo is to much money for me. i will keep that in packs because most of the data i only need available for 1-2 years. after 4-5 years i can start formatting the first package of disks.

Sounds like a plan. :slight_smile: