Drive won't Mount (Mac OS X 10.6.6)

Had my Drobo for 8 months connected to an iMac running Mac OS X. Last week I got a red flashing drive on the Drobo. This has happened before and after replacing the drive everything returned to normal after hours of relaying the data out. This time my Drobo appeared to do the same and I left it over night to complete, it had 4 hours remaining when I went to bed. In the morning when I awoke the drobo was still running with it’s fans running at 100% and the lights flashing (I think yellow but I may be wrong) It seemed to be in a reboot loop powering down and starting up. I left it for an hour but it was still the same. In the end I shutdown the drobo and went to work.

When I powered it back up later it seemed to be working ok on and off. One of the drives was being flagged up solid red but I think I also had a drive that kept disappearing and each time Drobo would started relaying data again between the remaining drives. The drive would then show back up. At some point I also got a message on screen saying something about incorrectly disconnecting a drive which coincided with the fans on the drobo speeding up and all it’s lights going out. I also ended up with all 5 lights showing solid red. Around this time the drobo was no longer showing on my desktop, but I think I could still access it through dashboard.

I rang support and they sent out a replacement drive. I left it powered off whilst I waited for the replacement

A few days later I disconnected the Drobo’s drives and swapped them into the new drobo. Every thing seemed ok and the new drobo powered up. It was flashing Yellow and Green and seemed to be relaying the data. In dashboard it showed Data Protection in Progress but no time remaining was showing and the drives appeared to be silent. I left it running all night but it still showed In Progress with no time, and as far as I could tell the drives weren’t even powering up.

During all of this my drive was not mounted so I have been unable to access the data or further back it up. I was also waiting on a replacement bare HDD to use in the drobo as well.

When the new drive arrived (2TB) I put it in the drobo but the messages stayed the same. I tried rebooting, shutting down and restarting but nothing would work. Eventually I gave up with the new drobo and shut it down and replaced the drives back into my original drobo.

Finally I seemed to be getting somewhere and it seemed to be working. With the drives in my original Drobo, Drobo Dashboard reported that the data protection would take 8 hours to complete. 8 hours later it was still going but was now saying 22 hours remaining. I left it running for over 24 hours and today it finally completed and I now have green lights.

The problem now is the drive will still not mount. I can use Dashboard on it and everything appears ok, I can see I have used 85% (2.69TB) and have 15% Free (470GB) which seems about right. I can also see it in Disk Utility, but the mount point is greyed out.

How do I get the drive to remount so I can get my data back ?

Whilst the drive is now green and data protection has now completed it really shouldn’t be doing anything, but I can constantly hear drive activity, which isn’t normal. the drive isn’t mounted so nothing should be accessing the drive.

It’s not unusual for the drives to be working while nothing (on the outside) is using Drobo. Drobo seems to go with the strategy of “get everything protected first, then optimize after” - so you’re probably in the “optimize after” stage.

Not sure why it’s not mounting. Have you tried connecting it to a different port or interface?

Looks like you need to repair the volume, either from DiskUtility or better DiskWarrior. If they can fix the errors then it will mount if not I hope you have a backup! (been there)

[quote=“bhiga, post:2, topic:2473”]Not sure why it’s not mounting. Have you tried connecting it to a different port or interface?

Yes I’ve tried it on another computer as well and it’s still the same.[hr]

I tried the repair and :frowning:

I have some of it backed up, thankfully most of whats on it is my backups of other computer systems iMac, MacbookPro backups. I also have a large media library stored on a NAS drive and the drobo is the backup of that.

When it first failed I managed to get it to mount and started to backup parts of it to a separate external HDD but I never completed this before it went completely **** up.

My main problem is I don’t know exactly whats on it to be sure I’m not loosing something important. :frowning:

So I’m still hoping to be able to getting it to mount so I can check things. Although thats looking less and less likely as time goes on.