Drive upgrade question?


I have a Drobo V2 with 3 1Tb drives in place and almost full.

In the next couple of days I will have 2 spare 1.5Tb Samsung drives.

What is the best way to add these?

Do I add one, let the Drobo rebuild/layout and then add the other one in later or do I remove one of the 1Tb drives and add BOTH 1.5TB drives in one go?

Help and advice very much appreciated.


i’d remove one and then let it rebuild… so you have 1, 1, 1.5

thats because it will get that rebuild over with as quickly as possible. then when you add your second drive, there wont be any rebuild, it will just be instantly available (drobo will do some silent housework in the background - but you wont be unprotected )

Had not really thought about that as an option to be honest but actually seems to make most sense!

Many thanks for the feedback.