drive size for D800fs

In looking at the capacity calculator, it shows a max size of 6 TB per drive but a max volume size of 32 TB & 8 TB drives are listed other places. Can I put 8 TB drives in and make 2- 32 TB volumes?

hi, from this page, it mentions a max volume size of 32TB:

am not sure if that older model has a maximum capacity or if it would create a 2nd volume for you, though if it did make 2 volumes showing 32TB free each, please remember that you would actually have less usable space overall on the drobo, which dashboard would help to indicate for you.

for example, if you had 8*8TB drives =64TB raw
-8TB (for single sdr) = 56TB raw
56TB (*0.9 overhead/formatting) = approx 50.4TB

(so assuming that model supported those drives, and were to create 2 volumes of 32TB each, you actually would only be able to put about 50TB spread across them… which is still plenty of space, though dashboard would ideally need to be referred to from time to time so as not to overfill the drobo, in addition to being able to watch the blue Leds and drive bay status lights on the main unit).

please hang in there for more input or research, as some other users have been able to use 8tb drives in some models, though there are some 8TB limitations i remember which are regarding SMR (seagate shingled archive drives) which are not compatible.

btw does your existing drobo-pro-fs have any drives and data on it currently?

I understand about the raw vs. usable space, I just wasn’t sure if the unit would do 2-32 TB volumes or just 1 -32 TB. The documentation is not clear to me. This lead me to the uncertainty of what drive size is the max. If it can only do 1 -32 TB volume, what is the point of the 6 TB drives the configurator shows that fit the d800fs. I’m just looking for the maximum space and it’s not clear to me. I was looking for clarity if anyone knew.

Yes, I currently have data on drives in the 800fs. I will back it up before replacing any drives.

Thank you for replying with info.

ok no problem, fingers crossed by the time you finish your backups someone will have the answer for you :slight_smile: