Drive rebuild is taking ages

My Drobo has been rebuilding for a week now. I’m really sick of waiting for it to finish; I know my disks have no issues because I’ve done tests on all of them.

Basically I ran out of space and tried to swap one drive out; issue is I need to swap the another disk out as well, but this is taking forever.

Is my Drobo in a loop or do have to keep waiting; according to the time, it says 138 hours remaining and have been going up.

Are your drives spinning down at all?

No they are not; they keep going.

I have to move in (literally move everything) a few hours, so whether or not it’s completed I need to disconnect the power. I hope I don’t lose my data as a result.

If you need to do that, please turn off your computer first.
Wait 3 minutes.
Unplug the fw/usb then the power.

And of course remove the drives before moving the drobo.

Thank you.

Now is it suppose to take 2 weeks to rebuild a drive? I mean it used to take maybe 3-4 days, but 2 weeks is ridiculous; I still have another drive to go!

I have about 90% used space prior to rebuild.