Drive numbers.

This probably seems stupid, but since it doesn’t seem to be numbered anywhere that I can be identified without removing the drives, can someone clarify whether the drive bays in the drobo are counted from the top drive downward or the other way around? Additionally, I presume they count properly from 0 and not 1?

I ask, because I was requested by support to “remove drive #3”. Depending on whether the first drive is 0 or 1 and whether it counts from the bottom drive or the top drive, this could be any of the four drives.

I found no numbered layout or diagram anywhere on the website or on my device.


top down

i think they use human numbering - i.e. starting at 1 and going up to 4for a 4 bay model

most consumer grade NAS do this - my synoloy box is 1-5 (and the number are embosses on there in TINY TINY print

For 4 and 5 bay Drobos, the numbering startes at the TOP and for 8 bay Drobos, the numbering starts at the LEFT. If you are ever unsure about which bay you are being told to pull a drive from, please get clarification from Support, i.e. 3rd from the TOP or 6th from the LEFT.

Also, make sure you know the Serial Number of that drive in case the drive order has been changed. Checking a drive’s Serial Number should ONLY be done after the unit has been safely shutdown per the articles below.

How do I safely shut down my Drobo?

How do I safely shut down my Drobo FS, DroboPro FS, Drobo S, DroboPro or DroboElite?

thanks for into drobocarl

just wondering… i thought that the drive order never mattered?
eg if you removed a disk pack, that you could put them back in any order (just as long as the disk pack was removed and later put back using the proper method/powerd down etc)

it doesnt, drobo reads the data regarding which disk is which at boot, so it doesn’t matter where they are

it would only be if you were peeking at the logs and knew drive 3 had failed…

ahh thanks :slight_smile:

I am sure the Drobo firmware numbers the disks 0,1,2,3 at least back in the good old days when we could decrypt the logs. Just adding this for informational purposes since the thread is old now. No guarantee the rep is following that convention in his instructions since he/she might “convert” that to a more normal 1-4 numbering sequence.

When I was asked by a support rep to replace a certain drive indicating hidden performance problems I was given the physical slot (2nd from top or whatever) and the model and serial#.

I would insist on the serial# in the case where a specific drive needs to be removed or replaced. Just to make sure there is no confusion on the issue. The drive serial# is clearly marked in the log - the tech support rep should be able to provide that.

The script I posted at http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=78 still works for me with my Drobo V2.

Excellent suggestion to check serial numbers. That’s my standard procedure for all hard drive swaps now, especially when RAID is involved.

I thought the encryption changed after firmware V1.2.4 or thereabouts. I use Windows (XP and Win7) so that thread won’t help me. Has anyone done this with Windows?