Drive names

IS there a way to reassign drive names? The drives are coming up as random letters and moving around (for example, V: one boot, L: the next). I would like to stick them in designated locations and make them stay, or at least fix a bad naming when it happens, but I can’t find an option for changing the mount point.

What operating system are you using?

windows 7

Are they coming up as different drive letters on the same computer or different computers?

This is all on one system. At this point, it has never been connected to more than one at a time (waiting on Oxygen Cloud).

Go to Start/Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt and right-click on Command Prompt to Run As Administrator

In the Command Prompt window type net use to see a list of all of your network drive mappings

Type net use h: /delete where h: is the drive letter mapped to your Drobo FS– type this command for ALL Drobo FS mappings

Type net use Z: \DroboFSname\sharename /persistent:yes where Z is the drive letter you prefer to map to your Drobo FS Shares

For future updates:

There should be a way to assign a specific drive name inside the dashboard.

Why? That’s a function of Windows… Windows is changing the drive letters, Jennifer just showed you a quick way to make it persistent. That’s like expecting a large external drive you bought to come with some software to make it a little easier for you to choose the drive letter, when you can just do it in Windows yourself… there are much better ways to improve Drobo Dashboard than adding an unnecessary drive letter assignment function…