Drive failure with new drive

I have a Drobo FS with 5 1TB drives.

I was getting a yellow light on the top drive so I got two 3TB drives from Monoprice specs as follow:
Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 HUA723030ALA640 (0F15328) 3TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA III (6.0Gb/s) 3.5" Internal Hard Drive Enterprise Grade (Pulled Drive)

I swapped out the top drive and after the FS went through Data protection for less than an hour, the indicator light on the new drive started flashing red and Dashboard informed me that I had a “Failed Drive”

Is there any obvious reason why this drive shouldn’t work?
Did I just lose the drive lottery on this one?

Any thoughts?


hi, if the the replacemet drive ended up showing as failed (i dashboard) and with only that drive bay light flashing red (and the others being a solid colour, hopefully green), then i would try to leave it a little bit more to see what happens, and then you could try replacing the replacement with the other (2nd) 3TB new monoprice drive.

(please do hang on to the original drive that you pulled out though, in case it is required later, at least until your drobo gets back into a stable state again.)

but, if you can currently still access your data, then another thing that you could do (before doing anything like the above replacement) if you wish, could be to make some extra backups of the data, to somewhere else (or at least for any important data), just to play safe (in case any other drives were to fail soon, such as during the next rebuild process, which could take about 1day per 1TB of data that is on the drobo.

I advice all to read the post by george when a red light comes up!