Drive failure - no rebuild

So I had some warning from the DroboPro a week or so ago and open a support incident, sending my diagnostic logs.

5 days later and with no response from support, a drive failed today.

I chased support who told me to remove the drive so the Drobo could rebuild the array and protect my data.

So I removed the drive - the red flashing light went solid, and that’s it, no rebuild, nothing - same warning that my data is not protected.

I have since rebooted, it’s come up in the same way - red light where the drive was, no rebuild.

I do not want to add a new drive while the red light is still on and, alas, support have gone quiet on me once mentioning the solid red light and no rebuild.

I’m about to leave my home for 4 days away with some friends - and am now faced with having unprotected data that whole time.

The red drive means it wants you to add one - add a drive now and it will begin to rebuild on it and will be done by the time you are back

The main reason for not rebuilding is lack of free space

Thanks Docchris

Support told me as soon as I took the bad drive out, the lights would flash green/orange and it would rebuild. I have plenty of space for rebuild, it’s only half full.

I’ll try adding another drive - it’s a shame support couldn’t tell me this. Lets hope it works!