Drive disappears and reappears

Yesterday, at some point the red light on one of the drives in my 5D came on. Drobo Dashboard reported that the bay was empty, and the software proceeded to reallocate the files. When I opened DD, it told me that there was a new version of both the firmware and the DD program. Because the 5D was backing up files, I couldn’t update the firmware, so I updated the DD. On restart, the missing drive was recognized and after about 12 hours all appears to be fine, with “good” as the health diagnosis.

Can such problems be cause by software? Is there a connection to the need for new firmware or DD? Is this drive likely to go down again?

During the “red” available bay time, I pulled the drive and found it to be hot.

My question: Is this something that happens “normally,” or should I be concerned about that particular HDD? While it was down, I ordered a new one and opened an RMA with WesternDigital to exchange the 4TB Enterprise drive with a replacement, as it still has 3 years of warranty on it.

I’m really at a loss as to whether I should replace it. Any wisdom out there?

you can log a support case and generate a log file and let support look at the log file and see what could be wrong with the drive or bay.