Drive Died, Red Light No Drobo Dashboard

Drobo 5C, had a drive go bad, replaced the drive with a new one, Drobo disappeared. Rebooted machine, Dashboard still wouldn’t detect. After awhile the drive bay where the dead drive was (now with new drive) just shows solid red. I powered Drobo down, ejected all drives booted and the Drobo is detected. Out of ideas and of course, it’s JUST out of warranty. Anyone have any other ideas?

What’s the situation without the new drive? i.e. an empty bay?
What new drive did you install? Make & model, Drobo doesn’t like drives which use SMR technology & they’re getting increasingly common.

Good questions.

  • empty bay just has a red light on the empty bay

  • Seagate Barracuda Pro

Those are CMR, which rules out SMR troubles, the non pro are SMR (apart from the 1TB).

Does it show up in dashboard with the empty bay?
If so what does that say regarding the bay?

I’d also run SeaTools against the new drive, just to double check it’s not a faulty drive, they have been known to be DOA.

Drobo won’t show up at all in dashboard unless I shutdown, eject all drives, then start… shows up obviously complaining no drives are found. I’ll have to throw the drive in tomorrow and see what SeaTools has to say.

I have the same issue. I wanted to upgrade one of my drives. Turned off Drobo 5C. Swapped drive and when turned back on will not detect new Drive ( Seagate EXOS) tried to put old drive back in nothing… Dashboard says EMPTY red lights… opened a case with support but haven’t heard back… Still under warranty but not sure I want another Drobo either…

After dealing with support they are saying it’s defective… Getting a replacement via DroboCare.

Once I get this back up have to look at options to move to something else.
Phone support no longer works and took some time going back and forth…