Drive Compatibility Chart & Storage Calculator

I currently have a mini with 4x WD Black 750GB drives and I’m getting low-ish on space.

Looking at the compatibility chart I don’t see the WD Black 2.5" drives listed, nor the new WD Red drives - since I know that the 750GB’s work fine I presume the Red’s will too, right?

Also, the Storage Calculator doesn’t show any option for 1.0, 2.0 or 2.5TB drives for the mini - I presume that the storage calculations for the original unit with 4bays would be identical?

Nice to hear that someone has WD 750 ‘blacks’ working in a mini. The website is UBER-VAGUE about what’s considered an ‘approved’ drive for these units!

Can I ask how longs yours has been up and running? Any odd issues?

I ran those drives for 3yrs no problem.

I just upgraded to 4x 2TB drives I pulled from some Seagate Slim Backup Plus external drives. They were much cheaper than simply buying the drives and work great too.