Drive Capacity Drobo-FS

Is 4tb the maximum individual drive supported by the Drobo-FS?

I want to double check because there could have been changes over the years.

According to this KB article 4TB is certainly the largest size listed for it.

I don’t think I’d be wanting to trust data to single disk parity with bigger drives anyway, too much chance of an unrecoverable read error during a rebuild if you go bigger.

I’ve used larger sized drives without issue on my Drobo FS. The bigger problem was running into the upper limit of 16TB total volume size. So, I’d put larger drives into my Drobo FS (8TB, 10TB, etc) and it took them just fine. But, at a certain point, I was “wasting” storage space as everything over 16TB was not taken into account. I switched to a Drobo 5N2 at that point. But the Drobo FS will accept larger drive sizes just fine.

@cyber_beardy 's link also mentions that upper limit.

Thanks @cyber_beardy I was hoping a firmware update or something similar was released. I got the device in 2007!! This unit is a prized possession. I’m looking into the latest NAS models. Cheers.

The support site says that 4TB is the largest size drive “tested” (by Drobo). I can tell with certainty that I have tested larger drives (up to 10TB) and they’ve worked just fine. What you cannot overcome is the 16TB combined storage limit.