Drive Cache sizes

How do SATA drives use their cache? The mainframe drives that I worked on cached the entire track on any reference, presuming that locality of reference would generate subsequent cache hits.

Presuming SATA drives do something similar, does the way that DROBO lays out data render this caching mechanism ineffective?

Is there any way to know the cache hit/miss rates?

Bottom line: Is extra cache (8,16,32,64Gb) worth extra cash?

64Gb of cache, that would be something, i assume you are thinking of Mb =). I think that the size of the drives cache is simply a sales argument rather than something used to increase price on the product. But sure, would be interesting to see what DRI have to say about the use of the drives cache.

Gosh, yes. I could almost turn off my smaller disk from spinning. :slight_smile:

In a drobo, there would be no noticeable difference.