DR04DD10 vs DR04DD14

Anyone have any idea what the difference between the Drobo 4-bay USB/FireWire 800 model DR04DD10 vs DR04DD14 might be? The DD14 seems to be a new product released by Data Robotics that has only recently become available in US retail stores.

The sales department says that the only difference is different packaging. I’m really finding that hard to swallow as the price difference at many stores between the DD10 and DD14 is nearly $50.

Both units are labeled as 2nd gen Drobos and they appear to have the same physical ports and weight/shape. I guess what I’m more interested in finding out is if the new model has any differences in circuit design, performance, etc. I probably wouldn’t mind spending the extra $50 if it was an improvement over the old model rather than just packaging.

Any info you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

i would imagine that its probably using newer components internally (in much the same way there were 3 differnet xbox’s!)