DR04DD - Gen 2 - Wont stay connected

Well I just saw the news about Drobo – that’s sad. Hope something good comes up.

My question is this – I have an older Gen 2 Drobo Im trying to migrate off of to a newer drobo.
BUT, it will mount on my Mac, and then unmounts after some time. Rather, becomes inaccessible, still shows up on the desktop - but cant access it and it disappears from the Drobo Dashboard.

Any idea how to keep it mounted/accessible?

thank you!

Anyone out there?

I don’t know much about running a Drobo on Mac, but no one else has proposed any answers so here goes.

I know that Drobo has had a hard time with working on newer versions of Mac OS. Are you running the latest version of Dashboard? Is your firmware up-to-date?

I’ve seen in other posts that having multiple volumes could cause issues on older Drobos, as could having “too much” maintenance activity, like when data protection is in progress.

Do you have a Windows PC you could use to connect your Drobo to in order to see if the problem is coming from the Mac?

I hope you can get your data migrated. Good luck!



Thank you so much for giving it a go —

All firmware is indeed updated — unfortunately, I dont have a PC anymore.

Ill keep trying to migrate as much as possible

Something else you can try, if your primary goal is migrating data. Put your Drobo into Read Only (RO) mode. This should allow the device to be more stable may allow you to copy stuff off more reliably and with less (if any) disconnects.

See here for how to put your Drobo into RO Mode:

I hope that helps!



Yeah, so it is confirmed — the drobo times out in the middle of a transfer. It just disappears from the dashboard. But still shows that it is mounted.

So, if I make it READ ONLY – how do I undo that? Thank you

I’m pretty sure it’s the same process to turn off RO mode. You CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-R and it will restart out of RO mode. I haven’t used RO mode in a long time, so maybe someone else with experience can tell you.

In my case, after I got everything off in RO mode, I reset the Drobo and reformatted and that takes you out of RO.


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