Downsizing capacity, 4 green, 1 red

I am migrating/ copying all my data from a DroboFS to a Drobo5N.
The FS has 5x2TB HDDs. Initially I put 2x3TB in the 5N.
After copying about 2TB to the 5N, I deleted that data from the FS. After deletion the FS had about 30% free capacity. Then I removed 1 of the five 2TB HDDs from the FS.
Immediately I got a red light next to the bay of the extracted HDD.
I expected the FS to rebuild and dose the red light.
It is 12 hours now since I extracted the HDD and the Dashboard still shows the same message (see picture).

The shown capacity stems with the Drobo capacity calculator 2x2TB = 5,39 TB.
The Used figure is equal to the figure prior to the extraction of the fifth HDD.
With 19% Free and four green lights, I hope I am good.

Q1: does the red light go away? when?
Q2: after copying 2 more TB to the 5N and deleting it from the FS, can I safely remove another HDD?
Q3: Is the error message at the bottom relevant to this situation? Should I heed it, do something?


some users have needed to wait a day or more for it to finish some background processes, before any rebuilding took place, but i think if you have an option currently, to essentially copy some more data from the FS over to your 5N, and then to delete it from the fs once happy with the copy, then you might as well do that at the moment, before letting it settle for a bit to see if a rebuild takes place.

(if you do not have any more empty/spare drives to put into the 5n, can i check when you mentioned this “2x2TB = 5,39 TB.” where you meaning 4x2TB? and are you using DDR dual disk redundancy mode or single SDR currently?)


I am still going forward with moving data from the FS to 5N (and deleting it on the FS).

Typo: the FS now has 4x2TB in single redundancy mode.

It is 36 hours since I removed the 5th HDD. Today I gave the FS some “rest” to recover from a) the disk removal and b) the deletion of around 2.5TB of data. Rest meaning, no read or write activities on the FS. The green activity indicator (bottom right) kept going on for about two hours.

The red light remains red.

To be safe I will ask a friend/ neighbor for a temp HDD to complete te migration.

btw another user recently had a similar problem, and it progressed ok after waiting, for example as mentioned here:


And it happened to me too. After 2.5 day, the FS started rebuilding itself.
The red light in bay 5 is out. Bay 1-4 now flash green/ yellow.
The FS indicates it needs 147 hours to complete te rebuild.

I’ll sit it out.

ah ok thats good thats progressing for you too, yes please wait it out, enjoy a few days of tv and please let us know how things go :slight_smile: