Download UnRAR for Drobo FS

There were a few requests for UnRAR, so anyone else interested can now download a version for the Drobo FS from my site: http://drobo.jhah.net/apps/unrar/

ps - not sure if one already exists for DroboShare? If not, and there is any interest, then post here and I’ll build it. I just can’t test it myself.

j_hah! You’ve done it again! I haven’t tried this out yet (I’m at work), but are you getting decent speeds from this? Unraring over my 802.11n was quite a miserable experience. . . .

I would say it was decent or acceptable but nowhere near blazing fast. I had a rar of misc business documents that was over 1GB that I archived not long ago and used that as my test. It took a few minutes to unpack it, I expect that it was not any slower than copying the rar, extracting on my workstation, and copying back and probably faster than using unrar over the network.

I just posted unrar for the droboshare this afternoon but i have no way to test/verify it since I don’t have a droboshare. If anyone who is interested tries it, please post here if there are any issues. Once I get confirmation, I’ll remove the BETA label from the download link for it.

I’ve installed the package, Droboadmin sees it, and I’ve ssh’ed in, but it says unrar is not found.

Most likely it’s the droboapp install does not put unrar in your path by default. Do the following after you SSH to verify that it works:

/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/unrar/bin/unrar --help

If that works, then unrar works and you will either need to add the folder to your path, type the full path to the command, add an alias for unrar to your profile, or symlink unrar so it appears in a folder in your path.

Ah, thank you. I’ve entered in the full path for now and will try the other methods when this file has finished unrar’ing. Good job and thanks again!