Dorobo Drives in Drobo Pro


just one (hopefully) simple Question. I’m thinking about getting a Drobo Pro.
Can I just move the Drives vom my Drobo to the Drobo Pro without losing my Data, or do I have to copy them from the Drobo to the Drobo Pro?


Yes, but your Drobo has to have the latest firmware on it first. Then you can move over all the hard drives over to the Pro. The drives must be moved as a complete drive pack. So if you have 4 drives in the Drobo you must move over 4 drives to the Pro.

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I did that, but in retrospect might not suggest it. In my case, I had formatted the volume as 4TB, but I wanted to up it to 16TB. So once I moved all of the data over, I then created a new volume, and copied it disk to disk, and finally deleted the original.

Unless you are short of cash (understandable!), I would recommend buying some new 2TB drives, formatting them for 16TB, thn copying the data from the old Drobo to the DroboPro. That way, you aren’t risking your existing data.

Once everything is copied over, you could add those old drives to the DroboPro to increase the storage pool. Or better yet (much better, in fact), bring the old Drobo into the office, or your girfriend’s apartment, etc., so you will have an off-site backup.

Thanke You for Your Reply’s.

I think I’m goint to move the Drives to a Drobo Pro. I have allready selectet the size of 16TB. So the reason is, that I can return my Drobo V2 and Drobo Share and upgrade to a Pro. I had already orderes the second Dobo / Share Kit, when they lowerd the Price, so that I can nearly get a Pro for the Price of the two Drobo / Share Kits.) At the Moment they have the Drobo V2 and the Drobo Share for just € 30.- more, then only the Drobo.)
So I just have to spend € 141.- more to get a Pro, instead of two Drobo V2 and two Drobo Shares. Think that’s ok.