Dont know what to do ""No Drobo is detected. Please check my connections."

My Drobo was working fine for at least a year now, but for some reason now when my computer gets back from sleep my Drobo unit is not detected in Drobo Dashboard and only way I can get it back is if if i restart my computer. However, I can still see my drobo drive on my desktop and I can still access my Time Machine. I did reinstall Drobo Dashboard but still the same problem.

Drobo Dashboard 1.6.8
OS X: 10.6.3

Do the green disk lights and the blue “used space” lights stay on, or go off? I don’t know OS X at all, but if my Windows system quiesces the USB port to my Drobo, then the Drobo appears to turn itself off (it is probably going into Standby/Hibernate).


Green and blue lights do stay on, but Drobo Dashboard is not detecting Drobo unit even though I can see it’s connected to my computer and I can use it though Time Machine…[hr]

Thanks, it looks like this is affecting many Drobo users…

[size=large][color=#C71585]What’s wrong with these people, this has been on going now for 4/5 months.

I bet they bring out a new Drobo that doesn’t have this problem to rectify it. Just like the new Drobo FS that we all wanted in the first place. How many versions and £600 do they think we have or need?[/color][/size]