Doing OS upgrades (ie Leopard to Snow Leopard)

Do I need to disconnect Drobo or DroboPro before performing operating system upgrades?

Yes, please do disconnect Drobo or DroboPro before performing any upgrades on its host computer. An operating system upgrade can cause file corruption and/or data loss. Installing applications such as Boot Camp or Parallels can also present similar risks.

Before performing an OS upgrade (for example, XP to Vista, Leopard to Snow Leopard, or even 10.5.7 to 10.5.8), please put your Drobo or DroboPro into standby mode. Then disconnect the data cable (USB, FireWire, or iSCSI) to prevent any possible file corruption.

Well, I boot my Mac mini from the Drobo. How should I upgrade the OS?

You can leave it attached, make sure all the data on the Drobo is backed up. In the past leaving an external drive attached while performing an OS upgrade has in some cases deemed the external drive unreadable. You may want to double check with Apple to see if they are aware of any issues with leaving the external drive connected during an upgrade.

Please note:

The bootable backup on Drobo is meant to be used in emergency situations where you cannot access your main internal hard drive. We do not recommend this as a permanent solution since Drobo Dashboard will launch but does not display the Drobo or volume information correctly in this configuration.

That is a pitty. Half a year ago the Drobo seemed to be such a beautiful solution. The longer I use it, the less I like it.

Your recommendation makes the Drobo useless for my application. :frowning:

I fail to see why you would want this as a solution, please enlighten?

Can the DroboPro be used as a bootable backup for my Mac Pro, and if so, how?

Presently, I use a 2 TB WB MyBook for that purpose, but as a result of moving files around and still not being completely stabilize, I have more data on my internal RAID configuration than will fit on the MyBook.

Can I use SuperDuper to backup to the DroboPro, and then use FW800 to boot it if it becomes necessary?

Friday is almost here!

There was one case of known potential data corruption on external drives with OSX (that was upgrading from 10.2.x to 10.3.0) … I think this advice is just leftovers of this. By all means back up your data before you upgrade, but I don’t think this is a dire situation and if you happen to forget to unplug your drobo during the upgrade it’s likely not going to be the end of the world. Ever since that 10.3.0 fiasco just about everyone that makes external drive units has stated the same things.

After my Snow Leopard upgrade I have to manually connect to my Drroboshare & Drobo using smb://DroboShare/Media/ as it won’t auto mount like it did before?

After my Snow Leopard Upgrade I also am having difficulty with auto mounting using the Droboshare and Drobo. Drobo Dashboard is active and running.[hr]
I also had no luck manually connecting using the smb://droboShare/Media/.

I finally had success using Go and Connect to Server then smb://and the IP address. Still no auto mounting, but will work manually!

Hello Suite B,

I have used the Drobo as a bootable backup with Superduper for almost a year now. It works perfect. I regularly test the backup if I can boot from it and have never had any problem.


Try smb://drobo-ip-addr/ replacing “drobo-ip-addr” with the IP address assigned to your DroboShare.

I’m also have the same problem after installing Snow Leopard.

Try dropping /Media.
I hit command-K then type smb://droboshare.
Works every time, even after Snow Leopard.

The drive on my Drobo is called ‘Media’, Yours may have a different name.
You should be able to save it to your favourite server list. So now I don’t even have to type anything to connect, just hit Apple+K and then select the Drobo. Its not as good as auto-mount but works well till the fine Drobo peeps fix things!

So far, I’m not having any functional problems with Snow Leopard. My Mac Pro now seems to resume OK from sleep, which it didn’t used to, and the iSCI initiator kicks off as soon as I log on and Dashboard starts, and the DroboPro mounts.

However, the performance problems, at least as reported by Xbench, are continuing. My Drobopro is now out of rebuild, and shows 50% utilization or 2.67 TB used, and 2.69 TB available. That is with dual disk redundancy turned on. But the sequential write performance (4K blocks) is now down to around 23 MBPS and as low as 7MBPS.

I’m going to leave the system on overnight, and let the DroboPro do whatever housekeeping it needs to , and then reboot and check the performance in the morning.

Again, anyone with Snow Leopard and DroboShare not auto-mounting, please open a support case so we can investigate the issue!

Thanks for your help! What finally worked was to find my IP address using the “Drobo Dashboard”, “Advanced Tools”, then selecting “setup” to determine my IP address. THEN “Finder”, “Go” and “Connect to Server”. I entered . . . smb:// . . . then “enter/return” (substitute your own IP address for the 192, etc.). Worked like a charm!