Does the Elite Allow Dashboard Access while working with ESX?

Hello all,

I was working with a DroboPro connected to VMWare ESXi for a while, but it became very frustrating that while the DroboPro was online to the ESX server, providing storage, I could not do any config or management operations on it. I had to shut down all VMs, shut down the ESX server, then connect a laptop to the DroboPro and launch dashboard to make any volume changes or even see the status beyond what is available with the lights on the front of the device.

It became obvious that with a setup like this I could never use the Pro in a production virtualization environment - that’s just no way to run a production storage system. And that’s not even considering I could never get any email warnings of disk problems while it was running with ESX. I would either have to drive to the CoLocation facility weekly to look at the DroboPro, or hand a webcam in front of it to see the lights. Nasty!

So, for me, the biggest question with the Elite is whether it has solved these problems. Does the elite allow an administrative station to run dashboard on it while it is serving storage to a Virtualization Server (or several servers) at the same time? Or, better yet, does the Elite have it’s own web GUI that provides all the dashboard functions without a dashboard computer? I won’t even consider going to Drobo for Production storage unless it does at least one of these. I can’t imagine how the Drobo Line ever got VMWare certified with a gap like this…

Does the elite allow an administrative station to run dashboard on it >while it is serving storage to a Virtualization Server (or several >servers) at the same time?
Yes, in fact I have dashboard installed on all our Windows-based guess instances w/the admin password enbled. That way admin can provision iSCSI storage and take advantage of Smart Volumes. Another plus is the dashboard (we are running v1.83) can detect multiple Drobo/DroboPro/DroboElite on the LAN. So, w/ or w/o a web GUI makes no difference to us as long as somethng GUI to allow us to manage them.

Or, better yet, does the Elite have it’s own web GUI that provides all >the dashboard functions without a dashboard computer?
Nope, and I don’t believe Dashboard 2.0 is web based either but we’ll see next week.

I won’t even consider going to Drobo for Production storage unless it >does at least one of these.
We have one DroboElite, multiple Pro and DroboS and they are all for prodution mainly storing our VMs, both ESX/ESXi and Hyper-V, and backup full & incremental images.

I can’t imagine how the Drobo Line ever got VMWare certified with a >gap like this…
Frankly,we haven’t tried Storage vMotion to another Pro becos we are using Veeam B&R w/ de-dup & CBT (Change Block Tracking), so performanc or lack of it, especially the Pro, has never been an issue.

Why not sign up for a free 30-day trial? Btw, we have 4 ESX/ESXi 4/4.1 attached to our Elite.

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