Does the 5D support 10tb drives?


I realize that this article posted on the website says the current max is 8tb for drives:

However, I just want to confirm–does the Drobo 5D (or 5Dt) not allow 10tb drives?

And if not, would there be support in the near future?


It didn’t seem that long ago that 1TB drives were huge.

ha ha yup. just trying to maximize my 5d without having to buy a 2nd. the old drives will go into another nas. gonna have many multiples of a magnitude over 1tb. who knows how much we’ll need in a decade.

am not sure about the 10tb yet, but there was an interesting statistic that in the world, user generated (new) content was something huge maybe in peta bytes per day? … i still have the hard drive attachment (with drive) for the amiga 500 (and that was a huge drive back then, but only just 10MB) :smiley:

Yes. 10TB drives work.

I have a Drobo 5Dt with Seagate IronWolf 10TB drives.

thanks for the info todd, it looks impressive from the specs.

(also looks like approx 5 years uptime, on 24/7, and 180TB usage per year, and about 12 power cycles per day, below 60 degrees.c) - i wonder if there is a way to find out how much throughput it used on a hard drive in a drobo - maybe it is one of the diagnostic log atributes that is captured?)