Does "Healed" drive need replacing?


I’m new to Drobo. One of my customers has brought me a Drobo 5D device. After getting it started and detected which was no mean feat for some reason, one of the drives was showing as “Warning” but after about 24 hours now shows “Healed”.

There is also a pop up message “Warning Drobo is running low on useable space. Replace the drive indicated by the yellow light with a larger capacity drive”

The drive with the yellow light is the “Healed” drive. Is it fixed or just low on capacity?

My understanding with RAIDS is that drives should have the same capacity. Since the highlighted drive is problematic and wants replacing should I replace like for like or will a larger capacity drive give the extra space?


Hi Gordon,

Drobo’s BeyondRAID is not like other RAIDs where the drives need to be the same capacity. It was the whole selling point of the Drobo system: you can mix and match drives, and the backend magic takes care of making the most space accessible to the user while keeping redundancy.

So, if your drive is “Healed” but still too small, replacing it by a larger drive should remove the error you see in additional to giving you more space to use (after data rebuilding is complete). However, if all your other drives are the same size, you might see another “running low” message for another drive after this one because of how the BeyondRAID redundancy works. You can simulate how much usable space you would have using the Capacity Calculator here:

I hope that helps!




Thanks for your reply it was very helpful indeed.

One further question. If adding a drive of larger capacity, is make/model relevent? Do speeds have to be compatible?

Thanks in advance


Speeds and make can be different. You can use almost any drive. With one exception: SMR drives should not be used.

Here’s a knowledge article about it:


Just remember that to increase the capacity of the drobo you will need to upsize 2 drives as (simplistically) one replicates the other, however do NOT do this at the same time. Insert the first and wait for the data to be populated until the drive is ’green’ on the drobo dashboard, then replace another drive with a new larger drive and repeat the process. Depending on the amount of data this could take from 5 - 30 hours per drive. My last drive upsize took 28 hours for a 14TB drive.

Hi, you very kindly helped me with this Drobo device earlier this year. As per your suggestion I upgraded two drives from3TB to 6TB so as to increase capacity.

I replaced them with WD Red drives, same make as the existing ones. I bought two together and one of them arrived dead so I got a replacement and after 2 months this too has failed. Bad batch perhaps, so to replace the failed one I decided to get it from a different supplier (Western Digital direct) so as to try to get a different batch, manufacture dates are almost 12 months apart.

When I fit the latest drive the whole Drobo device powers off after a few minutes and then each time it restarts cuts off before completing a full boot up so I’m guessing yet another failed drive. When I put the drive that needs replacing back in, the device successfully boots it’s just that the app says the drive is failing, rebuilds data but stays powered on.

In over 30 years in the industry I’ve never seen drives arrive dead nor had any fail after such a short time. So I have a couple of questions if you could assist please.

1/ Could it be the Drobo device that has the issue, baring in mind the failing drives are in the top slot?
2/ Should I try a different manufacturer and if so are different makes compatible with WD Red?

Thanks in advance.