does file type affect transfer speed?

Don’t have scientific evidence but me thinks file type affects transfer speed on the drobo. 2GB of .jpg transfered 1:50 from drobo USB to external HD ESATA. 7GB of mixed .nef , .tiff and .JPG transfered 11 minutes. WTFO?

Anyone else experience this?

EDIT: Better yet, maybe the more data you transfer the slower drobo is: thoughts?

I don’t think so. File types do have impact to file compression ratio but they should be agnostic to different hardware & storage media. They are just bits & bytes and I don’t believe the world’s firsr robot has the intelligence to prioritize file types or QoS for that matter!

Thanks for the reply Rambo.

What I notice is the drobo makes a lot of racket, crunching and grinding, and rumbling on larger data transfers than on smaller ones. I can actually see the progress window dwell on one .nef file for like 15 seconds before it moves on to the next file.

What’s this robot doing to that poor file?

I would think that it’s more to do with the file size, versus the file’s data type.

Larger files may require more “thought” by Drobo in terms of where to put it for best efficiency.


Bullhome, if you’re using Windows, try switching Drobo to “optimize for performance” policy in the Device Manager and take a look at the thread.


Thanks folks. I’m actually going to try a few tests and see if a folder of larger files take longer to transfer compared to a folder of smaller files with the same total size.

Zbig, I posted ? on that thread. Thanks for the link. Sounds like it may be a tad dangerous to optimize according to one poster. I dont know.