Does Drobo on a Droboshare ever go to sleep?

On my home Mac network, Drobo attached to Droboshare appears to run 24/7 with all lights and fans going

Is there anyway to motivate sleep, or is this normal?


The Drobo itself doesn’t go to sleep, but if there’s no disk activity it’ll put the drives to sleep.

IMHO, the only time to put Drobo/DroboShare to sleep in my opinion is when you’re truly not going to access it whatsoever, like you’re leaving for vacation or something.

THANKS - Cheers, Robert.

Could be a good feature in an future update though… that Drobo and DrobShare goes to sleep and have wake up on LAN

If done there would definitely need to be an option to disable. DroboShare performance is slow enough - I don’t need the response to be delayed further by having to wait for the Drobo to spin up.

I was about to ask why would you want the droboshare to go to sleep.

Most people write scripts to write to the Droboshare every 10 minutes so the drives never spin down due to inactivity.

Hi Jennifer

My Drobo is accessed during the day, but never at night, rarely at weekends and not at all on holiday.
For ECO issues, noise and product lifetime, I would like the whole unit to sleep when not needed.
My printers, computers and WD drives all go to sleep automatically, so why not Drobo and Share
Just a settable pref for time to full sleep?

Cheers, Robert.

[quote=“robfol, post:7, topic:576”]My Drobo is accessed during the day, but never at night, rarely at weekends and not at all on holiday. [/quote]Having a likewise situation here. Basically I only put my Drobo in standby if I go on holiday for an extended period of days, weeks. Other times I just leave it on as after a while of inactivity the disks all spin down and eventually the fan stops too.

When I then access the Drobo (via the DroboShare) again I can clearly hear it starting up the discs.

Sure, it still uses power to feed the DroboShare & Drobo, but at least it saves the discs :wink:



Well today in these environmental concerned times, having a box that takes about 45W (with lowe power drives) 24/7 certainly isn’t very great. The running cost of having it on will be about 50-60 USD per annumn depending on your contract.

After 2012 units that goes into standby will have to take less than .1 W (eup dirctive)

Also, clicking the standby button in the dashboard brings the Drobo fully to sleep but not the droboshare and to be honest I think that is a big lie to say it’s standby when it takes about 12 W.

Also, the fact that when you have put it into standby there is no way to wake it up. The definition of standby is the ability to wake it up, if not, then it’s powerdown.

Considering all this, I think it’s a very fair point to make that a sensible standby function should be implemented.

Hjalmar Nilsson

i woudl have thought that since the drives go to sleep after 15 minutes, the power draw on idle will be a lot less than 45W

My drives don’t sleep. Ever.
I unplugged the network cable to make sure there was no access, but the next DAY it was still spinning both drives.

Any ideas?

I have DopbearSSH and the DroboAps admin utility installed, thats all.

I removed Dropbear SSH and the drives seem to sleep now.


Not impressed.

Strange. My Drobo connected to DroboShare definitely went to sleep, even with Dropbear installed. But that was a long time ago, so it might’ve been a much older version of the Dropbear DroboApp.

strange indeed. I run Dropbear 0.48 - which I believe is the latest for Droboshare. My drives go to sleep without problems.