does drobo need to shut off?

Does anyone ever keep their drobo on ALL the time? Or only turn it off once a week or a few times a month?

We leave them on all the time! Not quite 24x7x365 since we only have our drobo units for the past few months. Likewise, we are inteneded to leave the droboPro on and don’t bother to swith it/them to standby unless for relocations.

My drobo is on all 24x7 unless I’m trying to recreate an issue that a customer is having.

Mine is on 24/7 and connected to my HTPC. The drives do spin down when idle, but the lights stay on.

Mine goes into sleep when the Mac does but that is all

on for one solid year and a month. zero problems,

My Drobo is mostly 24/7 since early March 09, on Vista and now XP without any issues at all. I like how the drives spin down and then come up easily since I don’t even access it every day except for a daily incremental backup.

my 'pro is 24x7 - attached to a machine which doesn’t go into standby, so neither does my 'pro