Does Drobo-FS actually spin down drives???

Howdy - have my droboFS set to 15-minute spin down time for the disks, but it seems that they never spin down - even when all other systems in the house are sleeping. Anybody actually seen/heard the drives spin down/up???

I’ve had mine running for about 3 days and it hasn’t spun down yet. I was hoping it’s just because it’s slowly formatting the new drives, but that’s seeming less likely as time goes on.

Can you both please open support cases?

Case opened (100430-000102)

Tried the first suggestion of shutting down the DroboFS to see if that would help. It did not seem to help. Then shutdown all of the systems on my network to make sure nothing was accessing the drobo and this did not seem to help. Have submitted some additional questions to support and sent in another diagnostics. Will post anything that they reply with.

I’ve had my Drobo now for almost 2 weeks, and I don’t think mine have spun down at all. I honestly don’t know how to check (is there some indicator? Something in Drobo Dashboard?)

I remember reading that the Drobo FS is supposed to constantly read the blocks on your drives, or something to that effect… Is that, perhaps, keeping the drives from spinning down?

Here is part of the response from support - just to prove that the spin down feature is thought to work without problems:
“The spin down feature for the DroboFS does work, so there must either be something accessing the disks, or it’s trying to do some sort of background process.”

I have yet to see a spin down, with the drobo fs directly connected to the computer and the computer off. There cannot possibly be any communication to or from the drobo, unless it is talking to dead space.

I’ve also not been able to get the drives to spin down, this is very bothering since I’d like the drives really to not spin while no one is even home and nothing is running.

@zerofivenataku, can you please open a support case?

case opened, 100507-000103

I set up my new FS a weekish ago, ran a backup that took over a day, and the drobo has yet to spin the drives down. And this is including when it wasn’t connected to any computer.

If your ticket provides any information, would you post it for us?


@welchb, can you please open a support ticket as well.

Hi Jennifer,

I did submit a ticket for my write speed problem - should I submit a new one for this oddness as well, or just extend the current one?

Thanks for your help *(:

Yes, please open a different support case.

Sure thing. Thanks for letting me know.

I guess I have the same Problem since I never saw my Drobo spinning down drives.

Is there supposed to be some sort of visual indication that the drives have been powered down?

I believe the notification lights on the front should be dim - at least according to the documentation…

I can’t find any reference to that in either the printed manual that came with mine or the one I downloaded from their support site. I know there’s the option to dim the lights in Dashboard, but at least on my FS, that dims them all the time.