Does drobo 5N and 5D support crucial M500 960G raid?

hi everyone,
I was wondering does drobo 5N and 5D support 5 crucial M500 960G?
Are they compitable?
And I also want to know can I mixed other brand ssd with M500 into drobo 5N? like The plextor M5P 512G.

In my conversations with Micron/Crucial, they don’t support the Drobo accelerator bay, as it tends to burn through the SSD’s lifespan alarmingly quickly. That said, my second Crucial SSD is still working fine - but that’s after the first one died. So… YMMV.

U didn’t understand. I mean Can I use 5 ssd in the 5N/D 's normal bay not the accelerator bay.

I don’t know, but:
There is no point (speedwise) in using SSDs in a Drobo 5N. The gigabit ethernet interface is by far too slow.