Does Drive Position matter?

Does the position or slot in which a drive is placed matter?

As in can I pull one and just place it in another slot without issues?

My understanding is that if you pull a drive and replace it, Drobo will first try to rebuild the array using the remaining drives. Then when you reinsert it, Drobo will treat it as a blank drive and then rebuild the array using it.

However, if you power the Drobo down, take out drives, and then reinsert drives so that ALL drives are back in the Drobo, it shouldn’t matter what order you put them back in. Drobo just wants to see that the entire disk pack is installed.

Yes you can pull out a drive and put it into a different slot, it will go into a relay out process but it will take a couple/few minutes.

The drobo will not treat the drive as a new blank drive. Unless you pulled the drive and let drobo rebuild the array on the remaining drives then insert the old drive after that process.

Before this post, my drives were in slot 2 and 4. After, they are now in 2 and 3. And the relay out process took no more than 2 mins.

Ok so to continue on this… If I had 8 drives in my drobopro and they were not all full - lets say I set it up put 8tb into it then decided I only need 4 TB - can I diminish the overall size by removing one drive at a time till it reached a point where it said something like - hey I need the remaining drives to keep you protected…

Its pretty hypothetical - but it was just making me think becase of a drive issue I had had at one point where i needed a drive from the drobo to put into another machine … as an emergency fix…

Yes, you can downsize.