Does Dashboard need to run for Drobo notification?

I used the Dashboard to configure the Drobo to alert (email) me is anything goes wrong. Does the Dashboard need to be running for these notifications to work?

yes, it does

Bummer - since it seems to crash sometimes. This should have been built into the Drobo and the Dashboard only a UI into that feature.

There’s a lot about the design of the Drobo Dashboard that doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t use background daemons where it should (monitoring and e-mail alerts), and it does use them where it doesn’t make sense (two background services have to be running for the Dashboard to connect to a Drobo).

They had to use the background service because of the UAC an/or other security measures introduced to Windows since Vista. The low level USB access method needed for the Dashboard diagnostics/management “sideband” didn’t work properly under the default user permissions. There were some Dashboard versions back in the past which required you to jump through some hoops just to make it work (e.g. running the Dashboard with elevated privileges as a SYSTEM user from the Task Scheduler).

Thanks, that makes more sense now. Is there any reason they have to be running constantly rather than on-demand when you launch the Dashboard? In other words, I understand the need for elevated permissions, but not the always-on system service aspect for Drobo management (obviously there’s an always-on aspect for other features; just not making changes with the Dashboard).

I’m used to looking at it from the (narrow) perspective of a DroboFS user - and there’s really no reason for a network connection to require such hoops. It also annoys me because said services used to be very unstable (and when they crashed the Dashboard wouldn’t restart them), and even today are strangely reluctant to quit, delaying any reboot or shutdown by 5-10 seconds. Not much, but when your whole system takes about that long otherwise…

If you have an FS model, the alerts can come directly from the unit. Open Dashboard and go to Device Settings > Alerts to set this up.