Does anyone know how to use Drobo Care one time assistance?

I have an old Drobo Gen 2. I purchased the Drobo Care one time assistance. I never received any directions. I created a support ticket titled “I bought the Drobo Care one time assistance, not sure what I do? I didn’t see any instructions” 2 days ago. I described my issue. Someone responded and their instructions were for flashing green and yellow lights when I have red lights. When I told them I had red lights, they told me I had to purchase Drobo Care because the Drobo is no longer covered, which I have already purchased and the title of my support ticket clearly states. I’m not sure how to access my Drobo Care and I haven’t received a response. Does anyone know what I should be doing? Thanks!

Did you ever get the help you paid for? It seems that support is non existent for Drobo. I am super concerned because I am having trouble with. my machine. Yellow light. not doing anything.