Does anyone know how to use Drobo Care one time assistance?

I have an old Drobo Gen 2. I purchased the Drobo Care one time assistance. I never received any directions. I created a support ticket titled “I bought the Drobo Care one time assistance, not sure what I do? I didn’t see any instructions” 2 days ago. I described my issue. Someone responded and their instructions were for flashing green and yellow lights when I have red lights. When I told them I had red lights, they told me I had to purchase Drobo Care because the Drobo is no longer covered, which I have already purchased and the title of my support ticket clearly states. I’m not sure how to access my Drobo Care and I haven’t received a response. Does anyone know what I should be doing? Thanks!

Did you ever get the help you paid for? It seems that support is non existent for Drobo. I am super concerned because I am having trouble with. my machine. Yellow light. not doing anything.

I feel your pain, JenHenningsen. Drobo doesn’t want to talk to you unless you pay up first. I’ve called them several times over the years, for help with my different DROBOS, and they’re never available to take my call.

WTW? Leave a number and if they feel like it, they’ll get back to you. No doubt a lot of people have fared much better than I. But this has happened too many times to be an outlier experience.

I hope you got some help by now.

So one person was super helpful. user Name is TigerTwin. He walked me through a couple of things. Basic things with unplugging, restarting etc. I uninstalled the desk top app and then reinstalled. Restarted my computer and started up the Drobo and waited. I walked away because I was so freaked out I lost my files. I came back and my iMac was recognizing the Drobo and I could access my files. My Drobo is still super loud!! I can’t stand it but I am dealing with it.
Do you know why the fan may be so load?