Does 5n fan run constantly?

Quick question guys,

I am experiencing the dreaded Drobo 5n reboot, my Drobo is officially 13 months old and out of warranty - interesting note is that if I leave it unplugged for a period of time, it will run for awhile…Was going to try replacing the power supply (@ $50+), but noticed that the rear fan is not running whatsoever…

The 5n is tucked away out of sight and mind, and I do not remember if it used to run constantly, or whether it is activated by heat…can someone shed some light on whether the Drobo 5n rear fan should be constantly running?

Hopefully just a fan replacement…

Thanks in advance!

The fan should run at all times, albeit slowly. It runs at a minimal level to ensure some airflow through the system.



Yes, it always runs. I’ve to move it in another room (from the one I work in) because even if it’s quite quiet, it’s not enough for my tastes. If fan doesn’t work in your then there’s a problem.
Out of curiosity, you live in US? Because in Europe warranty should cover 2 years. Anyway try to read about Drobocare on the official website. I think it’s about 100 eur/usd but it gives a lot of advantages. Not last a new unit shipped to you before you send the broken one back, so you can keep accessing your data (or, at least, it was that way some year ago, when I used it).