docchris's subliminal avatar :o)

lets look at that in slow motion:
(it’s animated - but you might need to click on it to save/view the animation as forum doesnt allow anims

sell it on ebay lol and get a fresh one for your drobo…

wait did i just say that? must be seeing docchris’s post subliminaly promoting ebay - hey wait a second your chameleon avatar is an animated gif, with EBaY in the 79th frame LOL :slight_smile:

only kidding :slight_smile:

oh - quick poll…

who thinks paul has too much free time on his hands ? :wink:

All 3 of us do!

4! :smiley: He really should be out there finding those mythical 4 TB drives for us to choke on!


im a Joker not a Choker :smiley:

Biding starts at $29.95 (used on ebay)