dobro showing red light "add a drive here"

I just got a dobro and I added the 2 1tb disks to it and it was green. I plugged it to a Linux madhine and tried to partition the disk just as a normal usb-disk. When I tried to create a volume group on top of it, I was unable to. When I tried to format it as ext3, I was unable to.

I then thought I’d try the software that shipped on the CD and had to move the box from 1 pc to the other. When I plugged it onto the other pc and turned it on, no more greenlights for the 2 disk bays as before. I don’t think anything got damaged, as I didn’t do any harsh moves or let it slip to the floor, however I can’t get rid of it. Any idea? do I have to ship it back?

Have U tried to hard reset the drobo? U know get a paperclip & stick it into the reset pinhole; hold it there then unplug & plug the AC power. That should reset the drobo and allow U to create the partition again. Good luck!

It does work. Thanks!

U r most welcome. Enjoy ur drobo!