Dobo --> Mac Mini --> Gb Ethernet --> problem...?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using a Drobo FW800 (2nd gen) for a long while now.
For what I know it does, it works just fine.

My issue, however, is a bit unique in its circumstances, and I’m hoping some of you may be able to help me come to a solution.

I have my Drobo hooked up to a core2duo mac mini in the closet, and running to several rooms via gigabit ethernet.
If I was to, say, copy some files from the drobo to the internal hard disk on the mac mini (same machine it’s connected to via FW800), it will copy at regular drobo-expected speeds (roughly 15-20 MB/s)

If, however, I was to do this EXACT same copy over the network (from the drobo to, say, my macbook pro) – the copy will go unbearably slow – we’re talking 1MB - 2MB/s many times – maybe 5MB/s if I’m getting lucky. This will happen copying to another Mac or to a PC.
I don’t believe it’s the network connection, because if I copy from the Mac Mini’s own internal hard drive to a network location (mac or pc), it copies at full speed.

Are there any settings I should be checking on, either in OS X (snow leopard) or anything else? The drobo itself, as far as I can tell, is running fine. As is the Mac Mini. As is the gigabit ethernet – the problem only arises when all 3 are combined together.

This has been a major issue & hurdle – and so I’d be very grateful for any suggestions that may lead to a solution!

Thank you!

no one?