Do you want CrashPlan to make a Drobo App available?


I own a Drobo and attached a DroboShare to make it into a NAS. As we know here, Drobo allows for third party apps to run on its Droboshare through its DroboApps architecture.

What I would really like is an easy to install and administer DroboApp version of Crashplan or Crashplan+ that would allow me to buy another droboshare + hard drive, put it at a friends house, and perform unattended, secure backups without having to keep any of my computers on (we are a laptop house, so we can’t reliably have crashplan running on any of our computers, that is why the droboapp solution is so appealing, especially since we use the Drobo/DroboShare combo as the primary storage location for our movies, photos and other household files.

If anyone else would like to see CrashPlan make a Drobo App available, please go to my CrashPlan forum entry (URL above) and respond that you would like to see that. CrashPlan is using that to gauge interest. Surprisingly I have only 1 response to it in the last month, so maybe people that want it just aren’t on the crashplan forum. If you do want it, be sure to go there and log your desire for that app. Thanks!!!


Sorry everyone, for some reason the URL did not post correctly:

Here it is again:

after the main crashplan.zendesk.com/ it is:
forums / 24327 / entries / 57318
without the spaces.