Do you label your Drives?

I did, just so I can easily see which one is which when it is attached via eSATA and I can’t run Drobo Dashboard.

I just thought it was funny that the only labeler I had around was pretty old school.

State of the art storage, old school labeling:

Modern Storage, Old School Labels by mattlach, on Flickr

Drobo S by mattlach, on Flickr

haha, unfortunately mine would all say “2TB”

im curious, why cant you run dashboard?

I bought two 2TB drives when I bought the Drobo. The others I already had. The 250GB was harvested from an OEM computer a while back. The 1TB was my storage drive on my desktop. Now my desktop is SILENT because it only has a small 120GB SSD in it. :slight_smile:

Once I recover from how much the Drobo S just set me back, I’m probably ordering at least one more 2TB.

Multiple reasons actually.

For the Drobo S, Dashboard can only communicate with the Drobo via USB or Firewire. eSATA has faster transfer rates than either, but when I use eSATA the dashboard does not see that a Drobo is attached.

For management purposes I usually disconnect the eSATA and reconnect the USB.

But my Drobo will ultimately wind up attached to my linux sever in my closet, which is command line only, and serve as NAS from there. I wanted to do more than what the FS is able to do with DroboApps, so I decided to get an S and hook it up to my own server.