Do I need firmware 1.3.5 ??

Drobo is running 1.3.0, dashboard=1.3.1. I don’t have any issues and haven’t done for over a year. Should I bother with the update?

I would recommend them.


Has anyone here had any problems since upgrading to 1.3.5? I’m hesitant since I’m not having any problems, and I now have a lot of data on the drobo.

What does 1.3.5 do over 1.3.0 ?

There were connectivity issues with USB and FW on firmware below 1.3.1.
Connectivity issues can cause data corruption.

Was that on all OS and hardware systems or only certain ones?

I’m on OS X 10.5.8 and connect directly via FW (I don’t use the droboshare)


All OS and hardware systems.