Do I have to be directly connect to Admin?

Hello guys,

Forgive me if this is a novice question. Is it possible to admin the Drobo via the DroboDashboard remotely. Meaning not directly inline with my laptop?
The DroboDashboard is not resolving/descovering any Drobo when it is simply on the network.

Here is my setup at our company, we have 3 Drobo FS, the networking admin assigned a static IP addresses on companies internal network. I can access the Drobo as a share mount fine. We set up the initial usernames etc via the DroboDashboard.

What will I have to do to get the Dashboard to discover the drobo?

Im guessing it has something to do with the range of the Drobos on the network. I work at a fairly large scale company, but I thought this would be simple.
my ip is something like 10.12.9.xx
and the drobos are located at 10.12.2.xx

please supply any advice you can, thank you!

Usually when Dashboard is not connecting and you are able to access the shares manually, you need to setup your Firewall with exceptions for Drobo Dashboard service and Drobo Dashboard.exe/.app.

The Dashboard discovers the FS by broadcasting packets on the port 5002.

In other words, if both subnets are on the same broadcast mask you should be fine.

Otherwise, the only way this could work is if your network admin routes broadcast packets between subnets.

So there is no way to statically define the drobos, only auto-configuration?

No, which also means it’s difficult if not impossible to admin one over a VPN. Auto discovery is nice, but it’s no substitute for “Connect to this”.

Since they haven’t fixed this in the last year, I sincerely doubt they have any plans to.

If you know all the variables and are good with routing tables and forwarding, you might be able to singularly “expose” a specific remote Drobo, but it’d be a PITA… Easier to leave a laptop/desktop at the remote site, connect to VPN, then remote control the laptop/desktop.